“Some people come into your life for a reason that is Lena she is a true angel. My family was going through a hard time communication with my young adult daughter and we didn’t know what to do that’s when I met Lena one day she was doing an astrology workshop at a yoga studio. We started talking after the workshop and she gave me advice on how to handle my situation and a workshop to take with my daughter and I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lena if it wasn’t for her I don’t know if my family would have worked things out and became a family again. Lena Also did my chart and my daughters charts and it was so interesting how right she was and when I looked back At what she wrote it she was so right on about my life. I am so happy to have Lena as a friend and a part of my life.”




“Lena is the true expert in relationships! Thanks to her, I was able to realize why I was having issues with men all the time. Moreover, she helped me significantly improve by giving specific instructions and examples on how to understand and effectively communicate with men. I was surprised to find out how quickly my relationship improved. I can’t thank Lena enough for that!”



“I have worked with Lena for several months and highly recommend her as a coach. Lena is helping me make a major life and career change. Her coaching skills have helped me stay on track and move forward through areas where I was blocked or struggling. Lena is a great listener, very encouraging and can suggest a variety of strategies to help you achieve your goals. I have always felt that she was 100% committed to my success, not her personal agenda.”



“Lena’s knowledge of astrology is very extensive. She is able to tie in so many aspects of real life into an astrology reading, including both the elements and practical information. Learning about the elements – like water, air, earth and fire from Lena was so interesting and continues to be helpful even years later. The specifics about my sign and timing of things past, present and future also is extremely interesting and informative. I can’t wait till I get another reading with Lena!”
– Lisa


“Lena is a truly amazing individual. I felt a connection to her immediately! The astrological chart reading was an incredible experience – The information she provided revealed so much about my past, present and future. From this experience, I then started seeing Lena for life coaching. She is so easy to talk to and be honest with. You truly feel like she knows you and wants the best for you.”
– Erin


“When I met Lena, I was struggling with my strained relationship with my close family members. Lena helped me to not only realize that I was being judgmental but also that I was twisting the reality in my mind. Her work with me not only improved my relationships, but also allowed me to become a happier person.”
– Gina K.