Couples Coaching

While we all have dreams of a fulfilling life partnership, it’s common for couples to experience times of conflict, distrust, and poor communication if each partner’s goals aren’t aligned with one another. If you’re feeling overwhelmed in your relationship, frustrated by constant misunderstandings, or if trust is damaged due to your partner’s unfaithfulness, you’ve come to the right place.

Couples coaching with Lena can help you set relationship goals, understand your current partnership, and thrive within your marriage. Through in-person or online coaching sessions, Lena will provide the resources and tools you and your partner need to create a dynamic, respectful, and romantic relationship that complements your journey together.

Couples Coaching Options

Whatever your calendar looks like, Life Coach Lena can meet you and your partner’s scheduling needs through two couples coaching options.


  • In-person: Do you live in the greater Philadelphia area and prefer talking face-to-face? Lena is available to help you and your partner open the lines of communication in person.
  • Online/Phone: Unable to meet in person or more comfortable discussing your relationship conflicts and goals via a conference call? Lena will work with you to find the platform that’s most convenient for you, whether it’s a simple phone call, Skype, FaceTime, or another online medium.
  • Couples Retreats: Do you want to break free of your constraints? Pack your bags and spend a transformative weekend together with Lena in Miami, FL or Longport, NJ to renew your relationship and communication strategies.


Couples coaching will allow you to assess and adapt your habits in the present to create a more unified, happier future for your relationship or marriage. You’ll learn specific tools for more effective communication, how to align your goals with one another, and leave with a greater sense of closeness, love and intimacy.

Couples Retreats

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or celebrating many years together, a couples retreat can start you on the path towards strengthening and growing your relationship. If you find yourself constantly trying to find ways to open the lines of communication, resolve misunderstandings, and put an end to fights and arguments but have not had success, then your search is over.


A couples retreat with Lena will help you communicate more openly and honestly, strengthen your ability to resolve issues as a team, and revive the intimacy in your partnership. Spend a weekend together with Lena in Miami, FL or Longport, NJ to learn specific tools and communication techniques that will blossom and renew your relationship.



What can I expect at the couples coaching retreat?
During the couples retreat weekend, you’ll attend a series of private couples coaching sessions with Lena and gain practical, purposeful knowledge and tools to create a new vision for yourselves as a couple.


You’ll also be given time to explore your surroundings in beautiful Miami, FL or Longport, NJ and open your minds together through activities such as meditation, reading, nature walking, and swimming.

“Lena is the true expert in relationships! Thanks to her, I was able to realize why I was having issues with men all the time. Moreover, she helped me significantly improve by giving specific instructions and examples on how to understand and effectively communicate with men. I was surprised to find out how quickly my relationship improved. I can’t thank Lena enough for that!”

– Terri

Deeply satisfying relationships take time, attention, and commitment every day. Take the first step towards nurturing your love, healing what hurts, and growing together by contacting Lena, today.

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