Corporate Coaching

Finding harmony with others, including your business relationships, is essential for living a happier life and maximizing your professional career. If you’re feeling unfulfilled by your work; experiencing conflicts with co-workers, your employer, business partner; or having difficulty with decision making, Life Coach Lena can provide you with the guidance you need for success.

Corporate coaching with Lena can help you strengthen your professional relationships and create a sound structure to achieve your career goals. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance, personal support, and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the quickest way possible.

Corporate Coaching Options

No matter how busy your lifestyle is, Lena will work with you to create a flexible meeting schedule that fits your unique needs. Corporate coaching is available in person or online, via video conferencing or phone call.


  • In-person: Is heading out for a cup of coffee your preferred way of meeting? Meet with Lena one-on-one in the greater Philadelphia area in person!


  • Online/Phone: Crunch time? You’ll receive the same great experience with Lena through online video conferencing or by phone as you would in person – Just without the physical commute!


Corporate coaching will give you the tools to communicate more effectively with your co-workers, employers, and business partners, and teach you strategies to manage stress and situations you originally considered nerve-racking. Plus, Lena will help you stay accountable and on track.



Ready for a new perspective on your professional career and relationships? Get started by scheduling a complimentary exploratory phone call with Lena to discuss your unique needs, goals, schedules, and to learn more about each other!

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